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e-poles med
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Medicine and digital: e-poles med

The incidence of chronic diseases in the population is a public health problem. Treatment and prevention not only have an impact on healthcare costs but also on the quality of life. Precisely for this reason, e-poles med was born from scientific research, the digital instrument classified as a class 1 medical device alongside health professionals in the A.F.A., rehabilitation and health promotion fields, in therapeutic assistance paths for exercise-sensitive pathologies in the field. orthopedic, neurological, cardiological, metabolic, oncological.

e-poles med is an integrated electronic-digital platform capable of acquiring and managing a series of kinematic and inertial parameters. Through the dedicated App, e-poles med calculates, stores and displays precise scientific information on the motor activity performed.

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Time parameters

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Angular parameters

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You will receive access to an e-poles med demo. You will be able to see an example of data processing, from parameters to indexes


e-poles is an electronic system able to acquire and manage dynamic and inertial parameters during physical activity, especially during Nordic Walking.

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