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On this page, you have a Q&A section where you can find the main questions regarding Gabel e-poles. For anything else (ex: technical support), please join the dedicated Telegram group (Telegram group is reserved for those who have already purchased Gabel e-poles - for general info contact us at | +39 0424 561144).

>>> JOIN THE TELEGRAM GROUP (Reserved for those who have already purchased Gabel e-poles)

1- I registered but I can't access my account with the App: what should I do?

Following your registration, an automatic verification email is generated from the account Then go to your inbox and look for the confirmation email sent by This will confirm your registration and allow you to access your account via App e-poles.


2. What permissions should I allow to the App e-poles during configuration?

During the App configuration phase, you need to allow the App to use geolocation. Whether you have an Android or iOS device, select “Allow all the time” or “Allow only while using the App”.

ATTENTION: if while using the App you run into problems with the geo-location, and if you have an Android device, you have to go to the App permissions menu and check that the item "Remove authorizations if not in use" is deselected.

3. How do I associate a pair of e-poles to my account?

To associate a pair of Gabel e-poles with your account, check that the poles are turned on and that you have activated Bluetooth and geolocation on your smartphone.

After you can follow the steps below:

e-poles → Select the pair of e-poles of interest→ Give a name to recognize your poles → Save

Remember always to name your poles.







4. How do I connect a heart rate monitor?

Whether you have the Gabel heart rate monitor or a device from another brand, to associate a heart rate monitor with your account, follow the steps below:

Cardio → Select the heart rate monitor of interest → Give a name to recognize your heart rate monitor → Save

ATTENTION: The identification number of the Gabel heart rate monitor (HW401- XXXXX) can be found written on the lower face of the heart rate monitor.

Do you want to use the heart rate monitor on your smartwatch?
Connection is possible with the most popular devices on the market; in some of them, you need to specifically select the Cardio function from the smartwatch settings.

5. How do I start an activity?

After connecting your poles and possibly also your heart rate monitor, to start a monitoring session, you must:

Start activity → Select the pair of e-poles that you intend to use → Select the heart rate monitor → Select “start” the activity → Select “stop” the activity

6. How can heart rate thresholds be set?

The e-poles App allows you to set minimum and maximum heart rate thresholds. If, once the activity has started, these thresholds are not respected, the App will emit an audio alarm. In this way you will be able to correct your pace and return between the set thresholds.

Once the poles and heart rate monitor have been connected to the App, follow the steps below:

Start Activity → Range cardio → Set minimum and maximum thresholds

7. Once the activity started, I exited the App: how can I re-enter the activity already in progress?

To re-enter an activity already in progress, you do not need to go to "Start Activity" but you must follow the procedure below:

Activity management→ Activity in progress

8. I have concluded a monitoring activity: how can I see my results?

To view the data of an activity, follow the step below:

Activities→ Select the activity of interest → Select the "upload" icon and wait a few minutes → Enter in the activity of interest

9. How can I share MY ACTIVITIES with another Gabel e-poles account?

To share your account so that other users can see our activities, you need to follow the steps below:

Users → Personal profile → Show associated account → Select “+” → Write the email address of the user you want to connect with

We remind you that this allows you to share your activities and NOT the Gabel e-poles. Also, remember that the activities performed prior to sharing will not be visible to the other user.

10. A friend shared his activities with me: how can I see them?

To see the activities that a friend has shared with you, follow the steps below:

Activities → Select user → Select the user of interest→ Select the activity you want to view

11. How can I share MY E-POLES with another Gabel e-poles account?

To share your own pair of e-poles with another user to be able to use them, follow the steps below:

Users → Select “+” → yes → Write the email address of the user with whom you want to share the e-poles

ATTENTIONATTENTION: the user with whom the poles are shared must already be registered in the e-poles App.

12. The e-poles are not working properly: what can I do?

The reasons for the malfunction can be:

  • The firmware of the poles may be different, make sure that each pole have the same firmware version and update them if necessary (see point 13).
  • Try to reset the poles by holding down both poles buttons for at least 20 seconds until they flash for 1 second.

13. How do I update the firmware of the e-poles?

To update the firmware of the poles, follow the step below:

e-poles→ Select the poles of your interest → Select the update icon → Verify that the firmware version is the latest → Update the firmware

ATTENTION: For the poles to communicate and function properly, they must both have the same firmware version, possibly the most up-to-date one. Therefore, perform the same firmware update procedure for both poles.

14. I have ACTIVITY shares with other people, but I would like to make some of my activities private: how can I do this?

When downloading data there is the option to select “Private activity”. In this way, users with whom you have a social share will not be able to see the activity.


e-poles is an electronic system able to acquire and manage dynamic and inertial parameters during physical activity, especially during Nordic Walking.

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